Red Dress in Santorini



Santorini, Greece | August 7th 2017

Asos Dress, Billabong Sandals, Visionario Sunglasses, Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Balm in Heaviest Habiscus

          Santorini was one of the most incredible places that we visited in Europe. The view was beyond beautiful in every direction you turned. When you looked out at the Aegean Sea you saw the crystal clear blue water and remnants of the island from when it used to be whole, and in the other direction, you see the white tiered buildings with blue roofs scaling the landscape of the island. It is unlike anything I've ever seen in my life, a truly magical place that is not hard to fall in love with. 

          In Santorini, we stayed at the Kirini Suites &Spa in Oia. This place was more than we could've ever imagined and the people were so hospitable. Every aspect of the hotel looked out over the water and it was conveniently located only a few minutes walking from the main street of Oia. There was even a day we didn't leave the hotel because it has everything you could possibly need!          


          One of the nights during our stay we decided to head down to a little area called Ammoudi located at the very bottom of the island past Oia. That night I decided to wear this red off the shoulder midi dress from Asos that I absolutely love. It is so comfortable and easy to throw on but certainly, adds some flair to your look. I felt like the dancing emoji in the red dress! 

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       I am really a sucker for an off the shoulder dress or top, I just think it is so flattering on so many different body types and perfect for spring and summer. Another reason I chose this dress was for the color. Red can be intimidating, especially this shade because it is so bold, but I don't think you should hesitate. It is so pretty and you should wear it confidently. Same with a red lip! It is classic and appropriate during any season. I also loved how the color of the dress and the landscape complimented each other. The colors really popped. 


          Once we were ready for dinner we headed into Oia to stroll along the streets and check out some of the shops along the way. The town certainly did not disappoint as it was just as incredible as the rest of the island. When you first enter the main street you are met by a long wide walkway of marble stone with little shops lining it. Further in, the streets get narrower and turn to cobble stone (definitely not a place for heels). 

       All the colors were so vibrant whether it was the doors, the roofs, the flowers, I couldn't help but take pictures of everything! I wanted to capture every moment. As we made our way towards the end of the town, the sun began to set so we started our journey down the 180 steps to Ammoudi. Fortunately, we had the best view of the sunset on our way down. Unfortunately, there was a lot of donkey poop obstructing our path. It took us quite a bit of time to get down, but we also had to hurry so that we didn't run out of sun. Definitely not a trip you would want to do in the dark. The steps were really large width and length wise and there were a lot! Another reason why Santorini is not the place heels. We even struggled a bit in sandals, the hotels recommend you go down in sneakers, but sometimes you just have to sacrifice for the outfit. Ammoudi is a small fishing village with only about 5 or 6 restaurants right on the water. We decided to eat at the Sunset Ammoudi Tavern. The restaurant and whole area really emulates what you imagine the Greek culture to be. Everyone we met on the island was so nice, we really didn't meet a rude soul the whole time we were there. Our waiter at the restaurant was engaging, knowledgeable, and so funny. We definitely recommend eating there because the food was great too! We ordered the plate of lobster pasta for the table, it was so tasty and the lobster was so fresh. We really could not have asked for a better day! 

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