Quick Trip to Nashville



Nashville, Tennesse | April 9th 2018

Look 1: J.Crew Fleece Jacket, Striped Turtleneck, White Jeans, White Converse

Look 2: J.Crew Poncho, Skinny Jeans, Hinge Boots (old, Similar)

          This past weekend Jeremy and I decided to take a quick trip to Nashville. The drive was about 5 hours so we wanted to do as much as we could while we were there to make the trip worth while. Jeremy has a family friend who lives there that let us borrow his apartment for the weekend while he was out of town and gave us some great recommendations! We arrived around 8:45 on Friday night and were starving from the drive so we went straight to pick up some food. We decided to hit The Grilled Cheeserie for a quick bite. We were both so excited about this, they have so many different types of grilled cheeses and even better, a milkshake bar! I was sold instantly. Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup is my favorite comfort food and it was totally worth it. Then we headed to the apartment to get some rest for the next day since it was going to be our only full day there. 

          The next morning it was freezing! We were a tad disappointed because the temperature dropped to the 30's and this weekend it is going to be in the 80's, but it's okay we made the best of it! We started our day by heading to the Gulch to try Milk and Honey or Biscuit Love. Unfortunately we were a little late to the game because both of them were packed. We couldn't even get to the hostess at Milk and Honey. So we left and went to Proper Bagel instead. There was still a line here, but it went quick and the food was worth it (and that's saying a lot because as a Jersey girl I am very picky about my bagels). If you're lucky you may see Amelia's Flower Truck parked outside. 


          Next, we went to the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum. If you have the time I would recommend it. We were cold and wanted to do some indoor activities so we decided to go. If you don't have time I wouldn't worry too much about missing this one. It was super crowded and hard to follow along, but if you're a die hard music fan, you'll love it.     


          After the museum, we went to 12 South to walk around, do some shopping, and have some lunch. There's something for everyone on this cute little street! Some of the fun shops we found are Imogene + Willie, White's Mercantile, and of course Draper James. It wouldn't be a trip to Nashville without stopping in Draper James. If you don't know the brand, it is Reese Witherspoon's clothing company that is a happy blend of J.Crew and Kate Spade. She has so many cute pieces! I really loved White's Mercantile as well. It's great for home shopping, knick knacks, clothing and gifts. 


          Later that day, we ate at BarTaco which we thought was okay. There chips and guac was probably the best part. There is also a BBQ joint on this strip which was very lively and highly recommended. This street is another place you can look out for Amelia's Flower Truck, and tons of desert trucks and murals! That night we had dinner at Burger Republic, something easy and we knew was going to be good. Then we met some friends to take on Broadway. Broadway is lined with fun bars (that are huge btw) that play live music. It was a lot of fun! 


          On Sunday we got up early and went straight to Biscuit Love. Guys, the Bonuts are AMAZING. Even if you don't eat there, you have to go pick some of these up. After we ate them Jeremy and I were so content and ready to skip the rest of breakfast. Highly recommend. Today was a bit warmer so we went to see Centennial Park and Vanderbilt University. They're both beautiful places to stroll along, especially if it were spring. 


          Then we went to Amelia's Flower Truck. Is this not the cutest idea you have ever seen? I could have spent all day there picking out different arrangements. I even said to Jeremy, that if I lived in Nashville I would work one of the trucks. I loved it! The flowers are beautiful and the people are so sweet. Overall we had a great time and it was definitely worth it, but we both agree that we didn't need much more time there. A quick weekend trip was the perfect amount of time. 

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