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Nantucket, Massachusetts | September 4th 2017

Look 1: Cotton Button Down, J Crew Jeans, Bow Slides, Navy and white polka dot scarf (Similar)

Look 2: Shep ShirtJ Crew JeansBillabong Sandals, Baseball Hat (similar)

Look 3: J crew Bathing Suit, ASOS Skirt, Billabong Sandals, Tory Birch Sunglasses (Old)

Look 4: Bow Blouse, Striped Shorts, Bow Slides,

Look 5: Tie Waist Blouse, Denim Skirt, Bow Slides


         Recently we took a family trip to Nantucket, we figure it would be the perfect way to finish off the summer together. Coming from New Jersey, we drove to Hyannis and took the fast ferry from there. It was such an easy and fast ride, but I was even more impressed when I stepped off the ferry. I was in love. Everywhere I looked there were cobbled stone streets, cedar shake houses and blooming hydrangeas. Does it get any better?

         We rented a house through Jordan Real Estate (who was absolutely wonderful to work with) near Sconset. We decided to stay outside of the main town because we are more beach people and the house we rented was located right on beach. We had this huge balcony on the second floor that looked right out to the ocean. We loved getting up in the morning and sitting there in the quiet drinking coffee. But before we arrived to the house we did some food shopping at Bartlett Farms and also stopped at 167 Raw to pick up some fresh sea food. fish The people there were so friendly, had fresh sea food, and amazing steak-fish butter that everyone loved!


          We spent the rest of the afternoon getting settled into the house and picking up some more friends and family who flew in to the island. Then we headed into town to explore a little and have dinner. We ate at Slip 14 which had a fun atmosphere, good food and was in a prime location. It is situated right in between some shops along the Nantucket Boat Basin. 


            The next day was a bit cloudy and foggy, but we weren't going to let it ruin our time. We had rented bikes from Young's Bike Rentals  and spent the morning riding around exploring the streets, admiring the houses, and riding into Sconset. The houses were incredibly beautiful and I loved picking out my favorites and seeing all of the hydrangeas. It is seriously hydrangea heaven and I could not get enough of all the different types and colors. 


          After exploring and having lunch back at the house we decided to head into town for the afternoon to walk through some shops and see more of that side of the island. We decided to walk over to Brant Point Lighthouse and beach as the weather started to turn around a bit. The weather in Nantucket is so unpredictable which I really like. I love a good sweatshirt day in the fog that rolls in and out so quickly and also the sunny beach days. The lighthouse was so cute and small. I could not get over every view on the island was incredible. 


          And we couldn't head out of town without stopping at The Juice Bar. The Juice Bar is by far the best ice cream place, on the island and that I have ever had. I love ice cream, it is my favorite dessert/I can eat it at any time of the day. There is almost always a line out the door here but you have to try it at least once because I can promise you you'll be hooked. They home make their waffle cones and waffle bowls. The smell that lingers down the street is just so tempting. The flavors are just as good as well! I love a classic cookie dough, but will switch it up with coffee every once in a while too!


          The next day we took the car to drive on the beach out at Great Point. If you can rent a car on the island, this is the number one activity I would recommend you do. We had a blast! It was such a fun experience driving on the beach and the landscape out there is beautifully untouched. Once we drove out quite a bit we set up camp and spent the whole day there. We were a little nervous to swim in the water because of the warnings of sharks at this beach, but it was so clear, blue and inviting! We did go out but not too far.


           Later in the day we decided to walk out to Great Point Lighthouses which was beautiful. It was a bit further than anticipated but totally worth the walk. We search for shells along the shore line on the way and watched for seals in the ocean. We noticed that if you walk on the beach they liked to swim a long next you and check in every once in a while to make sure you're still there. It's so cute! There were also tons hanging around on the beach near the lighthouse. This day was by far our favorite! We really did not want to get off the beach as it got further and further into the afternoon. It was the perfect day. 


          On one of our last days it was a bit cloudy again so we decided to visit another lighthouse before heading into town to do some shopping. (If you haven't noticed already I have a bit of an obsession with lighthouses, I wanted to see all of them!) We went to the Sancaty Lighthouse which I loved the colors of. It felt like the epitome of Nantucket. To the left was a golf course and rolling hills and to the right was the ocean. It really doesn't get much better than that. 

          After taking in the view and taking lots of pictures, we headed into town. There are so many shops to walk around in in the town whether they are on or around the main street or out on the wharfs, there is really something for everyone. One of my favorites was the Peter Beaton Hat Studio. First off its tucked back behind there street so you have to walk through this adorable alley way to find it in the back. The hats there are all straw and are beautifully crafted. The price is definitely steep for a straw hat but the experience you get in the store is amazing and they come with a lifetime warranty. I went for a less expensive hat that was also packable because it just seemed a little more practical to me. I also picked out a few extra ribbons which was a lot of fun. 


          That night the weather turned around a bit so we decided to go out to Milley's in Madaket to have dinner and watch the sunset. Unfortunately the residual clouds blocked most of it, but It was still a great way to end the day. The food was reasonably priced and really good!. The atmosphere was really relaxed and fun, definitely a place we would go back to. 


           Although this was only a glimpse into a few of the days spent during our week in Nantucket, it was overall an amazing trip. We all really loved it there and would definitely go back or recommend it to a friend! Here is a little list of some of the other places we went, shopped at, and ate at! 

Shops: Annie and the tees (t shirts and sweatshirt), Force 5 Water Sports (surf shop), Haul Over (outdoorsy/patagonia) Lola (Jewelry), The Skinny dip (Clothing) 

Food: DownyFlake Donuts, Bartet Farms (Grocery), Cru, Slip 14, Juice Bar, Millie's, Brant Point Grille, Oath Pizza, Black eyed Susan 

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