Montauk Guide


Montauk, New York | July 10th 2017

Day 1: J crew Bathing Suit, ASOS Skirt, Billabong Sandals, Tory Birch Sunglasses (Old)

Day 1 (Night): Urban Outfitters Dress, White Sandals (From Capri)

Day 2: Lucky Brand Bathing Suit, Abercrombie Cover Up, Ecote Hat, Billabong Sandals



          Although I've only been there twice, Montauk has become one of my favorite places to visit. We spent a weekend there last summer and when I found out we were returning this summer for the Fourth of July I was so excited. The landscape there is absolutely beautiful and everything has this old charm to it. Since we would be arriving by boat, our home base was the Montauk Yacht Club which also happens to be a hotel. The atmosphere there is great and the people are very nice. There's always people around either by the pool, the bar (with live bands), the little beach, or even just hanging out on the docks. We stayed here our first time so we knew we had to come back. 

          On our first day, we headed into town to do a little exploring. We decided to take the Hopper which is a new transfer system that does a big loop around the town and stops at the most popular places. This year it was free, but they will begin charging for the service next year. We thought it was super convenient because it was quick, easy and always on time. There's even an app you can track it on! We preferred this over the club shuttle or taxis because the shuttle wasn't always reliable and the taxis could get expensive. Once in town, we strolled around the streets peeking into different boutiques and surf shops. 

          After doing some shopping we went to one of our favorite restaurants, 668 The Gig Shack, which has amazing food. The seating is mostly outdoors but shaded and again, has a great atmosphere. Most of their sandwiches come on croissants (yum!) even the Lobster Roll which was so good! The rest of the gang LOVED the tuna taquitos as well. I, on the other hand, do not eat any fish, but I trust them! We also headed to the beach for a little bit which is conveniently located only a block over from the main street of town.

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          At night we decided to go to dinner at Gosman's which is located right on the water by the inlet. This restaurant is pretty big and doesn't take reservations so it's never TOO difficult to get into, oh and the food is great! Also if you're a seafood lover, this is definitely the place for you. Another perk about Gosman's is that it has its own little shopping area with cute boutiques and cool brands like whalebone. Perfect to walk around in while you're waiting for your table or after dinner when you're waiting for your food to settle before Ben and Jerry's. Yup that's right, there's a Ben and Jerry's right next door (if you couldn't already tell, Ben and Jerry's is my favorite). Some other great restaurants or places to go out include

Navy Beach (definitely need a reservation)

Gurney's (Hotel, beach club, bar, restaurant)

The Surf Lodge (Night out on the town)


          On our second day, Jeremy and I decided we were going to rent some bikes from the Club and ride out to the lighthouse. Last year we did not have enough time to go see it, we were only able to see it from afar so this year we made it a priority to make it out there. We calculated the ride to be about 7 miles which we thought we could handle. Well, 7 miles on a beach cruiser in a bathing suit and sandals is not the easiest task. The first 3/4 was okay, it was flat and we had a nice breeze, but then it started to get very very hilly. Although we contemplated turning back, we pushed through and boy were we glad we did. It was beautiful. 

          We spent some time walking around and just taking in the beauty. The lighthouse is situated at the end of a protected national park so there's a vast amount of untouched land. It's truly beautiful. We climbed up, 137 steps to be exact, to the top of the lighthouse to see the view. Even though we were tired with sore legs and didn't want to ride home it just kept getting better. After we finally got back and could give our legs a rest we were so happy we went and recommend that you do too! 

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