The End of Summer



September 18th 2017

 Bow Slides, Tie Waist Blouse,  J Crew High Waisted Jeans (Similar)

           Summer is officially ending!! Since I am currently in South Carolina we get to extend our summer a little bit longer and I am holding on to it as long as I can. The morning air is starting to get crisp and cooler, but the days are still warm and full of sunshine! These sunflowers are the last glimpse of summer so when I saw them I had to go down and get a closer look! 


          These sunflowers were huge and I mean HUGE. Some of them were as big as my face! It's really cool to see how strong and tall they are and also how intelligent. At this point in the day, the sun was lower in the sky and all the flowers had turned away. It really makes you appreciate the power of mother nature. The bees were just as amused by the flowers as I was. They were soaking up the last bit of pollen, avoiding the end of summer like me. 


          As this time of year rolls around I start thinking of the clothes that I can pack away until next summer and which items I can transition into fall. These jeans from J. Crew are a staple in my wardrobe. I wear them all year long and have several pairs in different styles. They fit the best on my body type (I always have the problem of fitting my legs and too big in the waist). This top is also from J. Crew. I love the cropped waist line and the big bow that ties around, it adds the perfect feminine touch to a classic white button down. Because of the classic style this is a great option to keep in rotation for fall. I am excited to pair it with over the knee boots or booties and a cardigan. 

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