Pumpkin and Apple Picking



October 30th 2017

 J.Crew Button Down (similar), Express Skirt (similar), Hunter Rain Boots

           I finally got to experience some fall weather! Last weekend Jeremy and I went home to visit my family back in New Jersey. I was so excited to go home because the weather there had cooled down and the leaves just started changing. Fall really is my favorite time of year and I have been counting down the days until I could pull out some of my sweaters and boots.

          When we got home my mom and I planned to do all of the fall activities. She loves this season and Halloween even more, so we had to show Jeremy how we do Fall (since he's from Florid). We started the weekend by visiting Eastmont Apple Farm. I have been going there since I was a kid, searching for the perfect pumpkin. Do you like short fat ones, tall skinny ones, or the ones covered in warts? There are so many options! I personally like the short fat ones. 


          We took the whole family along, I made my mom wait to bring my younger siblings because I wanted everyone to do it together. After we all found our perfect pumpkins we headed over to the apples. Again, so many to choose from! There are red delicious, Honeycrisp, golden delicious (my favorite), granny smith and so much more! There are just rows and rows of apples you could get lost and very full! When you're walking through you just want to try them all. 


          I could honestly spend hours here just strolling through the aisles. It is such a fun activity and so beautiful. We had to make sure to pick up some Granny Smith apples so we could make an apple pie later (I was serious when I said we were going to give Jeremy the full experience). We also picked up a few extras for my grandparents. 


          When we got home with all of our pumpkins and apples we went right to work! Jeremy and I worked on making an apple pie using my great grandmother's recipe. I am not the biggest fan of cooked fruit but this pie was so good (not to brag) and my grandfather was so happy, he couldn't remember the last time he had eaten one of his mother's pies. Once the pie was in the oven we all began carving our pumpkins. I love carving pumpkins, some people think it is gross, but I don't mind getting really into it. It was really fun. I loved being home and spending time with my family doing some of our favorite things. I can't wait to head back home for thanksgiving to continue the fun!

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