A Dip into Organic Makeup



March 19th 2018

Marie Veronique Tinted SunscreenRMS Beauty Lip2Cheek (Smile), RMS Beauty "Un" Cover-Up (22), Mario Badescu Facial Spray, Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

         I recently did a post on my current makeup routine and some of my favorite products that you could find here. I do love these products and still use them, but I have also had a growing interest in organic makeup and skincare products. I have done a lot of research to find out what the best products are to use on your skin. I used to get really bad acne that would leave scars on my face so taking care of my skin is very important to me. I want to do everything in my power to protect and nourish the skin that I have. 

          Now I am not calling myself an expert, but I have done my due diligence and have learned what to look for in ingredients when choosing products. The products I am going to talk about in this post are the real deal and have become part of my daily routine. If you want to learn more about organic products, the science behind them, and ingredients to look for or avoid, follow Katherine Garbarino. She is based out of Montreal, has a youtube channel, but I personally like to follow her on instagram (@kgmtl). She is seriously so knowledgeable!

         Okay, so let's get started. I am going to walk you through how I use these products and what they do.  


          Once I complete my morning skincare routine (If you would like to know more about it let me know!) I apply the Marie Veronique tinted sunscreen. The brand recommends that you apply it right after their protective day oil. I personally do not use the product, but did receive a sample and liked it! So, I apply my moisturizer wait two or so minutes and then apply the tinted sunscreen. I put one pump in my hand and rub it around on my face like I would a regular sunscreen or moisturizer. I don't have a lot to cover up on my face so a light coverage is perfect for me, but you can definitely build upon it.


          The sunscreen uses 20% non-nano zinc oxide which means that the zinc used will protect your skin from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays, but will not clog your pores and penetrate the skin. The product also uses other natural oils like red raspberry seed oil and green tea infusion that are known to prevent sun damage and have rejuvenating properties. Even better it gives a nice youthful glow to the skin. It is also super important to protect your skin with a sunscreen even if you're not at the beach. The sun is extremely powerful and also may not react well with some products you use on your face. For example, I use a retinol at night so I need to protect my skin all day long even in the winter time. 


         RMS Beauty is another brand that I have come to love and I actually talked about it in my original makeup routine post. Their products are not only natural, organic and non-toxic, but they actually nourish and enhance the skin as well. After applying the tinted sunscreen, I go in with RMS Beauty "Un" Cover Up. I use this under my eyes, around my nose for redness and a little bit if I have a blemish or trouble spot. 


            Then I use the RMS Beauty Lip-to Cheek in the color smile. It is a coral color that can be used as a cream blush or light lip balm that provides hydration and protection. I love the natural finish and the size of the small pod so it is easy to travel with. I use this product more on my cheeks than my lips because I am fully committed to my Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. I love the colors rose and petal. Now I haven't fully committed to the all organic makeup so I do still use my Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara. I then finish off the look by spritzing my face with some Rose water to set the makeup and add hydration. 

           I have really come to love these products and the whole look only takes 5 mins to achieve. I do this almost every day and use my regular makeup when I really need to get dressed up or want a full coverage look. Some more products I would love to try are the RMS Beauty Tinted "Un" Powder and the Beauty Oil for extra glow! 

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