5 Hair Tips from the Expert


March 5th 2018

          Hair is such a difficult subject to talk about. There are so many products, so many ways to style it, so many colors and so many different types of hair! With so many myths and incorrect advice on the internet I wanted to get you reliable and helpful information so you can have your best hair day yet! I decided to consult an expert to explain to you 5 good hair practices everyone can benefit from. This expert has a special place in my heart, well becuase she's my mom! She is the best of the best and here is what she has to say...


Being a hairdresser for 34 years, I have seen it all. I could go on and on, but if i had to skim the surface it would be the following...

1. Why doesn’t my hair look like this when i do it at home?  

        Well, the most common mistake women make is they don’t take the time to dry their hair completely. This results in frizzy hair that does not hold a style. You must section your hair to recreate the salon results. Always start with the bang section then the nape, the crown, the right side and the left side. When blowdrying each section it is important to dry the hair thoroughly and finish it off with cool air. If your dryer does not have a cool shot button, then pull the dryer away and count to 15 before removing the brush. Remember, the larger the brush the straighter the hair, the smaller the brush the more curled ends you will create. Do not run your fingers through your hair!! Let it set for a few minutes after the entire head is done! The cooling part of styling is the most important.
        Use appropriate hair dressing on your hair. All products today are made for layering. It's not one stop shopping. There are different remedies for different types of hair and different styles, but i will give you the golden rule today.

For shine: use a good oil on the shaft and ends for closing the cuticle and shine.

For volume: use a thickening spray, not to be confused with a salt spray for texture and beauty waves.  

For soft sexy waves: a styling milk is my favorite.  

End with a split end repair only on your ends not the shaft. One last golden rule……YOU MUST USE A HEAT PROTECTANT OR OIL WHENEVER USING A WAND OR FLAT IRON!!!! There is no reason to use your flat iron or wand at 450 degrees! Only salons need those temperatures for processing certain treatments. 

2. Frizzy hair
           First and foremost, curly hair has a different cuticle layer then straight hair! It will always feel different and respond differently then straight hair. You must use products designed for your hair type! For everyone else, frizzy hair usually stems from not drying your hair completely (if its not a damage situation) you know when your hair seems to swell in an hour! You must dry your hair completely and then dry it a little more, end with cool air. Frizz comes from the cuticle swelling. For curly hair, I suggest using a straightening lotion. For Wavy hair, when blowdrying, your hair has to be thoroughly dried and then use a texturizing paste or taffy, run through the hair shaft and ends, not the root area. (maybe a tiny bit if you have some breakage sticking up)

3. Split ends
          You must trim your hair (even if you are growing it) every 8 weeks. There are plenty of products on the market today targeting split ends and they work!!! My favorite is oribe split end repair. These products will seal your ends and help prevent further damage. Once you have split ends if they are not cut off and treated they will continue to split up the hair shaft. Ya know that old loves tale about my hair doesn’t grow? Well, it is growing from the root but, it is splitting upward simultaneously so no growth is seen. Healthy hair is sexy hair. 


4. What shampoo and conditioner should I use?
        A good shampoo and conditioner is key! A professional product bought at your salon is best. I know they are expensive but, that's because they are not made in bulk with a wax base!! If you are on a budget, then steer toward the professional company name that you see in salon but also have an off the shelf line such as biolage or redken. My favorite at this time are the Oribe products (if your salon doesn’t sell them blue mercury does) and Monat (an easy link is marysipler.mymonat.com ). These products are paraben free and free of free radicals. The production is much longer and slower due to the intensity of the products. With that said, you use a much smaller amount then that of store bought products so they last much longer and the price equals out. Other over the counter products clog the follicle of the hair and prevent good clean growth. The wax based, over the counter products make your hair look shiny and healthy for a short time and then the wax buildup begins and you need to switch shampoos. It's a vicious cycle. Use the better product!!!! I promise it will pay off. 

5. Why doesn't my color last?
          Sorry to sound repetitive but again, a better shampoo and conditioner is key to long lasting color.  The products I mentioned earlier will not have a line designated for color treated hair because they are all good for color treated hair, just find your hair type or answer the questionioare for recommendations. 
          On the other hand, sometimes due to heat, sun and just damaged hair your color will fade. Your hair is like a sponge, the color is absorbed but with shampooing and rinsing the small color molecules become released from the cuticle. Don’t shampoo everyday, its not necessary. Your natural oils are the best conditioner going. Use a dry shampoo or put your hair in a ponytail the second day. There is one exception…….the redhead!! and I mean the colored redhead. The red color molecule in hair color is the smallest for red pigment. This means the color goes in the easiest and out the easiest. For redheads I definitely recommend a color conditioner (taking notice that there are different redheads, orange based violet based and ruby red based color). These conditioners have actual color molecules in them. Don’t worry no ammonia or peroxide just the molecule. Use these once a week to refresh your hair. You can ask your colorist for a formula specific conditioner that he or she can create for you before leaving the salon. Now these color conditioners can be used for brunettes and blondes as well. Brunettes get richness that they lose over time, while blondes get more of a toner affect. If your blonde tends to get yellowy or dull, a platinum or purple shampoo would be recommended.   

Thank you to my mom for being a contributer to the blog this week! If you have any other hair questions feel free to leave them in the comments and we will answer the best we can! 

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