3 Makeup Products for Starters



July 24th 2017

1. Mac Face and Body Foundation

2. Mac Eye Shadows: Bronze, All that Glitters, Nylon

3. Mac Blush: Melba


          It was probably around 8th grade when I spiked an interest in makeup. My mom would only let me wear mascara, but I would try to sneak eyeliner, clearly not too well because she always knew and made me take it off. I mostly wanted to wear makeup because I struggled with acne and wanted to cover it up. Eventually, she gave in and decided to let me wear makeup but there were conditions. I had to research, like real research. She didn't wear makeup and neither did my older sister really (they're both too pretty and only wear mascara). So we went to Barnes and Noble and I got this big book all about makeup and skincare. It was called Jemma Kidd Makeup Master-class and I was hooked.

          I read every detail of this book front to back and sticky noted the whole thing. After I was finished I went to my mom with a list of what I thought I needed and why. Then before I went to high school she took me to M.A.C. and I went to makeup heaven. I brought my book and my sticky notes and the people at the counter were so nice and so helpful. While I was there I bought three products.  

          The first product I got was the Face and Body foundation. This foundation is so light and easy to apply. Foundations can be intimidating when you first start wearing makeup and many people like me worry about how their skin may react to it. This foundation gives you a light natural coverage but is also buildable if you need a little more. Some other amazing features are its water resistant (awesome for summer), long wearing (about 8 hours), hydrating, and doesn't cause acne! It's a great product for all skin tones and types, especially sensitive! 


          The next product is eyeshadow, which you totally do not need just mascara looks beautiful as well, but I was really going for it. I purchased 3 while I was there which include bronze, all that glitters, and nylon. These shades are easy to blend, versatile, and perfect for everyday makeup.

          All that glitters is one of my favorite shades of all time. It is a pinky nude color with some glitter in it, but not too pink, definitely more of a neutral color. It looks good with a smoky eye, a natural look, and even on its own. I use it as an all over the lid shade. 

          Bronze is another great color and it is exactly what it sounds like, Bronze! It has some shimmer in it and I will use it in the crease to add some depth or I will wear it all over the lid and then put all that glitters on top of it in the center of the lid. 

           Nylon is a highlighting shade and it is intense. You only need the tiniest bit when using this shadow, seriously the tiniest bit. I just hit pan on this shade and I've never bought a replacement. It has a yellow undertone and some shimmer and I use it to highlight the inner corner of the eye and the brow bone. 


          The third product is a blush in the shade Melba. I personally think that blush is all you need on the cheeks to add a little life and warmth. The only time I use a bronzer is occasionally in the summer time. This shade is a soft corally peach shade, it is very natural looking and lasts all day. Perfect that lightly flushed looked. 

          These products are great starter or everyday makeup products that are easy to use and will only enhance your beauty. They may have been the first products I bought, but I still love and use them today. 

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