A Dip into organic makeup

          I recently did a post on my current makeup routine and some of my favorite products that you could find here. I do love these products and still use them, but I have also had a growing interest in organic makeup and skincare products...


5 hair tips from the expert

        Hair is such a difficult subject to talk about. There are so many products, so many ways to style it, so many colors and so many different types of hair...


statement pieces that stand the test of time            

        As spring trends start to trickle around I am beginning to look for pieces or statement pieces that can last for years to come and won't go out of style. I have been searching for a trench coat for a while now and when I saw this pink one...   



         This past weekend, Jeremy and I had a formal event to attend. Usually, I would have purchased a new dress, but I have done that so many times...



Here at With Love and Liv I share all the things I love in beauty fashion and travel. I hope to create a little escape where you can get to know me and my style and be inspired!



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